Common Problems
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·No Sounds are heard when you select a Panel  

You may have too many Panel/Sound combinations defined in your aircraft.cfg file. Although an undocumented FS limitation (bug?), it appears that the correct sound configuration (or Panel!) is not read if there are more than about 4 different aircraft entries. Sometimes...! Try editing one of the first four entries in the list. You can also try exiting and restarting FS.

·Changes I make in FS Sound Studio aren't heard in FS  

FS does very aggressive caching of files to improve performance. If you make a change while FS is running, it's likely it won't reload the changed file. Try loading a totally different aircraft, then reload the one you're editing. If this doesn't work, you'll have to exit FS and start it over.

You might also experience a file locking problem. When FS opens a sound.cfg file, it opens it exclusively for its own use. You won't be able to edit the configuration until FS exits or loads another Aircraft.

In general, you need to be careful when both FS and FS Sound Studio are running at the same time.

·FS2002 crashes when I make a change...  

The flight sim community has been creating their own Panels for many years. The existence of tools such as FS Panel Studio
has made this an easy process. Unfortunately, no such tool has existed for editing sound configurations. As a result, the sound subsystem of FS has not been rigorously "tested" by its users. There have been times while testing FS Sound Studio that we have observed unexplainable FS crashes. Until Microsoft releases patches for these problems, about all you can do is restart FS!

If you create a sound.cfg file which is unreadable to FS, email it, with a problem report, to

If you've turned on the automatic backup option (strongly recommended), then you'll be able to retrieve you last working sound.cfg file, and restart your editing from there.

·FS Sound Studio won't start  

If you autoload your last edited file in FS Sound Studio (Load last Aircraft at startup option), and because of errors or problems in the sound.cfg file FS Sound Studio aborts, then you must force FS Sound Studio to start with a different aircraft.

You can drag a sound.cfg file onto the FS Sound Studio desktop icon, or use the "Open:With
" menu pick if you right click with the mouse on a sound.cfg file in Windows Explorer. Once you get things working again, please report your problem.

Registry problems can cause FS Sound Studio to not start. In some reported cases, registry entries have been mangled by system crashes. FS Sound Studio has logic which tries to determine if the entries are valid, and rebuilds them if they're not. Uninstalling and reinstalling will clear and rebuild all entries.

·Missing Dll Errors  

FS Sound Studio
may require support files which may not be present on your computer. They're included on your installation file if needed, and should be properly placed on your computer when you install. If you receive "Missing DLL" errors when you try to start, please reload the FS Sound Studio software.

·FS Sound Studio crashed when I...  

If you come across an operation or action which causes FS Sound Studio to crash or behave erratically, please report the problem.

·Sound Problems  

These types of problems are rare but almost always due to the sound card device drivers. Try downloading the latest drivers from your card or motherboard vendor.

Clicks and pops during heard during preview while modifying the simulated RPM or Airspeed, are usually due to less capable sound cards or older versions of Windows.