Error and Warning Messages
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The following are some of the dialogs FS Sound Studio will display when it discovers problems.

·The Aircraft does not have an Aircraft.cfg file  


You are attempting to open an aircraft which doesn't have an aircraft.cfg file. Essential information is stored in the missing file, such as the engine type and the engine parameters. The Aircraft probably has not been installed correctly, or the FS Sound Studio mode is not correct. FS Sound Studio can continue, but will estimate the value of Max RPM depending on the engine type, which you will need to set manually.

·Unable to Read the sound.cfg file  


This message is normally seen when a sound.cfg file is missing or corrupt.

·No Sounds to Preview  


If FS Sound Studio determines there is no wave file associated with a sound, or can't load the wave file, it displays this message.

·Unable to Load wave file - Unknown, Invalid or Unsupported type  


This message is displayed when the wave file specified can't be loaded. The sound file format may be an unsupported type, or the file may be corrupt.

·Unable to Load wave file - File not found  


The wave file specified can't be located on your disk. Note that wave files specified must exist either in the FS Sound folder or the Aircraft Sound folder, or they won't be found.

·Unable to read .wav file - DirectX System Error  


The wave file you attempted to load is not compatible with DirectX. It may be corrupt or not a supported file format.

·Can't find conversion program "cvrt.exe"  


FS Sound Studio uses a companion program named cvrt.ext (installed during the main FS Sound Studio installation) to convert certain types of compressed audio files. If for some reason this file is deleted, you will see this message. The solution is to reinstall FS Sound Studio.