Step 5. Fly your new sounds
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You've now created a new flyable C182. Let's give it a spin in FS2002.

Before we start, make sure you click OK in the Engine Editor page, then Save
in the main application page. Now start FS2002.


In the Aircraft manufacturer box, select Cessna, in the Aircraft model box, select C182S Skylane. In the Variation box, select the UI Variation that you supplied back in Step 2.


When the Panel loads, it should look no different than normal. But, notice the new Engine sounds. Shutdown the engine - note your new shutdown sound. Likewise, start the engine, and note the keystart and startup wave files. Play with the throttle, and enjoy your new engine sounds. WARNING - Note that FS2002 appears to have some limitation in the number of Panel/Sound configurations defined in the aircraft.cfg file. If you don't hear your new sounds, and you have many (5 or more) entries, this may be the cause. You may need to move the new entry in the aircraft.cfg file using notepad. Hopefully Microsoft produces a patch for this in the future.

It's this easy to edit a sound configuration in FS Sound Studio.