Step 4. Find and Explore the STALL_WARNING sound
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The Stall Warning sound is grouped by Microsoft into the Other Sounds category, as STALL_WARNING. Select the Other Sounds tab to display these sounds:


FS Sound Studio displays the individual Sound Events listed under Other Sounds
. When you select STALL_WARNING, the sound file which is played for the event is should be listed in the Sound File box. In this case, the wave file is c172_stallhorn (The extension .wav is assumed for all sound files, and never shows up in the sound.cfg file.) This is the file we will change in the next step.

Depending on the category and type of Sound, there are optional properties associated with a sound file. Click on the More..
. button to see the properties associated with sounds in the Other Sounds category:


The full path to the sound file is shown in the Raw File box. The file properties are also shown. In this case, the c172_stallhorn.wav file is found in the Aircraft's Sound folder (as opposed to the System Sound folder) and the file is Stereo standard Pulse Code Modulation, 22.5KHz sample rate at 16 bits per sample, and lasts for 2.76 seconds.

button allows you to play the raw sound file unmodified. You can also LOOP the sound and play it indefinitely. Note that the file is played unmodified. We'll see how to Preview the sound as it will actually be heard in FS2002 later.

When the file is played in FS2002 in response to a STALL_WARNING event, the file is modified by three parameters - Initial Volume, Minimum Volume and Maximum Volume. How these three interact with the a stall is not documented by Microsoft, but FS Sound Studio allows you to experiment with these values! For the C172, there are no values set for these, thus the text boxes to the right of the sliders are left blank by FS Sound Studio.