FS Sound Studio

Welcome to FS Sound Studio
System Requirements
Manual Conventions
Getting Started
Running for the first time
The Main Window
The ToolBar
Background: How the sound.cfg file Works
Flight Simulator Sound Background
Using FS Sound Studio
Opening a Panel/Sound Combination
Using the Editor
The Properties Dialogs
Sound Previewing
Envelope Editor
Editing an Aircraft with Alliased Sounds
Editing an Aircraft with No Sounds
The Add New Sound Wizard
Editing the Config file
Editing your first Sound File
Step 1. Setup Directories
Step 2. Select a Panel/Sound combination
Step 3. Start the Editor
Step 4. Find and Explore the STALL_WARNING sound
Step 5. Change the sound file
Sound Previewing and the Envelope Editor
Step 1. Load the FS2002 C172
Step 2. Preview the ENG1_COMBUSTION sounds
Step 3. Edit the COMBUSTION.1.02 sound
Using the Add New Sounds Wizard
Step 1. Load an Aircraft
Step 2. Start the Wizard
Step 3. Select the Target Aircraft
Step 4. Enter a Title
Step 5. Enter the new Sound Folder Name
Step 6. Enter a new UI Variation
Step 7. Enter a Description
Step 8. Specify the Engine type and number
Step 9. Create the new Configuration!
Creating a New Sound Config from Scratch
Step 1 Download the Demo Sounds
Step 2 Create a new Minimal Sound Config
Step 3 Add the Wind Sound
Step 4. Create the Engine Sounds
Step 5. Fly your new sounds
Error and Warning Messages
Common Problems
How to Report a Problem
Microsoft SDKs
Useful Links